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(painting by artist Guillem Marí)


A long walk through evolution has occurred growing life from primordial beings to primitive beings, and then towards beings aware of community,  deep self-reflection, and balance in the world.

There are correlations between brain and body, systemic evolution, and this rise in consciousness.  The concept of Cosmic Consciousness is the elaboration of the mind and psyche to the point of super realization - a connective oneness with reality and the beyond.  This connection is not only supposed in thought, or casually visited in idea - but progressively achieved through distinct separation of self from one's own primordial being-ness and the greatest possible attribution possible - an attempt to understand, as best as one possibly can, the intent of the universe.


The truth is, this is no simple feat, as the mind and body have many systems in place to protect us, to gather awareness of the treacherous world, and to lead us to animalistic prosperity.  What is Cosmic Consciousness as a whole and how does it affect us?  Such consciousness is the attempt to enhance the ongoing system, and become to an increasing level, the master of ourselves in certain ways that allow the hormonal system to take a back seat to the elaboration of intent and desire as we learn to create balance.

The world breaks and bends at the whims of the animalistic side of people frequently, and as we traverse history, we see only worse examples at broader scale.  The evolution of consciousness is evident in even basic history, and the finer evolution of finer levels is apparent as well.




SYSTEMS OF ABUSE: Baboon troops typically carry a group emotionality in a similar way to humans - this platform usually extends from the stronger, older monkeys.  Some troops carry a calmer and congenial behavior, while some troops treat 'lower' monkeys with more brutality.  In brutal troops, whenever the 'higher' monkeys are unhappy, they lash out verbally and physically on the baboons near them.  Moments after the abuse has passed, the abused baboon finds another slightly smaller monkey and lashes out on them verbally and physically.  An observer can watch the chain of actions unfold, as a larger monkey abuses a smaller monkey, and that smaller monkey abuses a smaller monkey - and this chain of animalistic behavior will play out down to the very last - where a child baboon will find a baby baboon and throw it against a tree.  This chain of activity has been observed to play out in as little as a minute, with as many as 5 to 6 monkeys passing on the abuse to one another.


In one tribe of peaceful small monkeys, the alpha leader passed away.  In the following days, there were two male monkeys who were most likely to succeed as the next alpha leader.  One male was aggressive and began treating the female monkeys roughly.  The other a potential alpha male was a calm creature though, and did not fight the aggressive male.  After two full days, the aggressive male began dominating the other monkeys, and often physically berating them.  The sun set that evening with the aggressive monkey in total control of the large family, wrecking havoc and spreading unrest.

The next morning, when the sun came up, everything had changed.  The aggressive monkey was in pretty sore condition, standing far away by himself.  The calm alpha male was peacefully combing the other monkeys, and all was well.  It was not the calm alpha male that had created this new situation, rather it was the 3 largest female monkeys who had fully subdued the aggressive male casting him out from the leadership position forever.

Healthy Creatures Prefer Peace: The previous example is real among primates, which are several full animal evolution stages away from human beings.  Yet around the world, and through history, we see human beings acting with inferior mentalities, just like these monkies.

Treat Others as You Want to be Treated: It is not difficult to assess the "golden rule" as a basis for a better world and reality.  If people lived by this condition singularly, the world as a whole would be incredibly different that it is today.  Today we experience systemic distortion of beliefs, and anti-equality laws all over the world.  There are vast examples of violence and exploitation.  The very economic system that drives trade is typically biased against those who perform the least desirable work, and benefits those who hoard the most resources.  The financial-legal system is hedged to protect and reward that type of behavior.  Nothing about our current system resembles even this simple Golden Rule... and really, even Golden Rule is just not enough.

At the Highest Levels, The Only Way to Improve Yourself is to Improve the Condition of Others: The overall world condition is lacking.  The great internal migration of Cosmic Consciousness is to simply gain levity over our rudimentary animalistic instincts to basically live by the Golden Rule - as higher consciousness finally frees up energy to live in greater balance, and also then have some extra energy to help others.  This mentality changes the way decisions are made within one's own life, and systematically as we instill methods and rules in our world, and allocate resources as well.


As human beings, we are not expected to know the will of the universe - but a person seeking Cosmic Consciousness is attempting to align themselves with the universal will, while frequently making adjustments to that way of being, based on greater learned lessons in balance.

This is difficult, because most people are involved with groups of people who do not strive for this type of equilibrium.  There are frequently small expressional circuits that get passed around, just like the baboon troop mentioned above.  There are also very long, uncomfortable dramas that can play out much like the second monkey example mentioned above, when there is an inappropriate leadership, or group mentality, that many members of the group are very unhappy with.

It is very difficult to take part in social arrangements that push people back and forth between their own reaches for higher consciousness, and back into the animalistic state of being, to whatever degree occurs.  Yet, this is the challenge of Cosmic Consciousness - a challenge that is present our entire lives.  As a person is pushed into the inflow of different hormones due to different social catalysts, they will frequently loose this awareness, and change back into lower methods of expression.



Our hormone triggers were developed in times of extreme peril - when every turn in the wilderness could translate to life and death.  When those perilous conditions are removed, human beings tend to establish peaceful protocols, however the hormonal system is still liable to fire in disproportionate ways, simply because it was established to deal with extreme measures.

Because of this, humanity can become divisive and hyper-focused on smaller issues with great intensity.  This leads to the largest problems in the modern human condition. Discussion of ideas alone can lead to "all cylinders firing" and cause uproar.  Control dramas can play out subtly as people try to achieve their desired outcome over others.  Laws and regulations can be mapped by hormonal perception alone, as some groups are ostracized, left out, abandoned, or punished in gross disproportion to the issue at hand.

US vs. THEM thinking:

Most conflict comes from:

- unbalanced interchange
- failure to achieve equal rights
- inability to solve a certain perceived problem
- distribution of resources
- animalistic behavior playing out in human drama
- inability for two conditions to exist simultaneously

Identity and relation often create individual barriers that exceed the grasp of rational thinking.  Issues that have minor affect on one person can be treated by the same person as paramount.  The inability to see and sense what other people are thinking and how their lives will be affected by a choice that does not impact the thinker is the single greatest cause for today's animalistic mentality.

US vs. THEM thinking establishes that one person will always insist on having their way, even when it violates the basic rights of another person.



Seeking to understand the greater universe is costly, and seeking to understand human consciousness bears even more impact.

Human beings have an overwhelming desire to either "do as they do" or to strive with great effort to a final outcome of their choosing.

It's important to take a moment to speak openly and directly about the topic of Cosmic Consciousness because it involves acquiring this knowledge in a way that feels real - that creates change.

Any person who sets out on the path of "self-realization" does so with a change-effect; to become someone greater.

Higher consciousness has great potency, but it should not at all be expected to wander into extreme supernatural experiences.  A person cannot simply beacon a direct glimpse behind the veil of the universe.

A person can however, develop greater energy, in the acquirement of adaptation process.  Letting go of animalistic mentalities expunges the human being of many convoluted pathways of desire in expression.  These pathways sit like a labyrinth within, and so long as we carry these mentalities, then all energy, thought, and decision making processes are forced to run through these costly corridors.

The human being is not freed until they begin to unwind their experiences, to shine light upon internal workings that actually causing hinderance, pain and suffering.

The human being is not above Animalistic Consciousness until they exceed the common stance of the common person of their gridlocked era.  Those who seek Cosmic Consciousness elaborate their own processes to exceed resonances previously experienced.

It can be difficult to unwind the past, to resolve old conditions, and to see what is wrong with certain mentalities.  It can be hard to become a new person who tries to live according to what they truly believe and know is good.

Cosmic Consciousness is an exhaustive reach to see the universe through the eyes of the unknown creator of the universe itself. 

Through such eyes, time does not exist, space is temporary, and HOW we are becomes more important than WHAT we are, or what we own.

Those who remain in the grip of this temporary existance will fight to reign among the animals.  Those who fight to gain Cosmic Consciousness reach hundreds and thousands and years into the future to become greater than the current times will allow if we merely reflect the world around us.

This journey will now gain more specificity, and this website will now pass the torch to Relative Modality - a mapping of human consciousness - and a place of great personal reflection.

Relative Modality offers a reliable backbone of understanding of the consciousness of the human animal.  From this place we can initiate change, and produce the evolution of consciousness.


Relative Modality is a systematic reference for modals of consciousness