The universe is a massive, perpetuating super device that yields entire worlds.  We live far on the branches of the one great connective quality that upholds all of existence; a method of creation that entails a single source, a single method, yet yields all known things.

Seeing how the universe unfolds, understanding how our interactions lead us to change, knowing the mind itself; these are the qualities that lead to Cosmic Consciousness - an awareness that stands at the pinnacle of our Earthly evolution.

Earth has taken billions of years to deliver life, then consciousness, then intelligence.  We stand at the forefront of an incomparable process and live our simple lives.  What does it all stand for?  What does it mean?

Why is the universe so capable, yet we walk through such struggle and suffering?  Inside us all is the seed of incomparable possibility - a world lay outstretched before us, and a world expands within us.  Our cognitive abilities reach outward to create a better world.  The demands upon us, by nature, are great, yet together we are bridging the vast indifference, and making a better reality.

Those who stand together for the universal purpose come to see the purpose of the dream.  We must let loose our own originality, and create relationships that stabilize the world.  We are our greatest chance at happiness, and our biggest inherent demand is to simply reach.


This website is dedicated to the quickest route to seeing the universal creation process.  It moves quickly, but makes understanding very complex materials incredibly simple and easy!

This info will remain FREE TO THE PUBLIC here on this website!  This contains the most concise, direct discussion involving Cosmic Consciousness that I could create.  The content is unique and new combination of Adam Sea Klein, Walter Russel, and Richard Maurice Bucke's lifetime work in the dedication to higher consciousness.  This website is being made in tandem with another closely related work regarding consciousness called Relative Modality, which is also published FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

The topic of the evolution of consciousness, the establishment of permeating truth and high arching perspective in terms of universal creation is one of the most profound ideas we can fathom or contemplate.  Each step of reflection creates change, and extradites understanding.  Who we are as human beings is something to marvel at - being projected from a single creative process that manifests all material things, the evolution of those things, and the arousal of intelligence.

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The Radiant Light


Walter Russell's cosmogeny depicts a connected universal condition - defined by the energetic wavelength as found in our material spectrum. He defined a periodic table much different than the one we see in science class today - and it led him to unique discoveries not otherwise possible at the time.

Cosmic Consciousness


Cosmic Consciousness is not a new phrase, and it does not pertain to any one pre-existing philosophy or religion.  Humanity has been undergoing the process described in the concept of cosmic consciousness for long time - setting aside the ways of the human animal, rising through the common intellect, and striving to reach higher plateau of understanding of the universe.

Faith or Intellectual Foundation


Not all people experience consciousness in the same way - just as our personalities differ, so too do our experiences with higher states of consciousness.  Some people grapple with ideas readily, while others strive to emotionally connect with others and the world in better and more loving ways.


ORIGINS of the Concept of Cosmic Consciousness

Let us start from the beginning concerning the depth of consciousness that grows through time, the beginning of the escape from primal conflict, and the cosmic landscape that guides us:



Development, Change, Adaptation, Creation - these are all terms that describe how energetic, material, living, and mental processes of the universe interact to establish existence, fortify conditions, and alter the course of the future through movement and progression.

Humanity lives upon a very tall series of developments, and the conscientious desire for sustenance and equilibrium has plodded forth from a very reactive primordial Earth.

Just as we evaluate change in our everyday lives - humanity has undergone such a process. Humankind has learned, and is still learning.

The term Cosmic Consciousness was coined by Richard Maurice Bucke in 1905 to describe the cycle of human development of consciousness, self-awareness, humanitarianism, and the potential understanding of a universal super-consciousness that has developed in inspired individuals over millennia.


Bucke asserted that the writings of inspired individuals of the past reveal evidence of emotional patterns and philosophies intrinsically - and that these philosophies all correlate to a universal truth that is not fully understood in humanity’s still-changing concepts of the world.

This translates into an evolution of emotional and intellectual intelligence that establishes first in self-awareness and progressively becomes more transcendent, and familial in regard to the true nature of human relationships among each other, and with the universe that gives us life.



The concept of Cosmic Consciousness was furthered by Walter Russell who put forth a series of works that not only touched upon the effects of consciousness in ideological evolution, but also a material cosmogony - or unified development theory of the universe in scientific terms.  His huge array of work can be found at

Russell described the universal creative process as intrinsically bound to one creative methodology that converts a total spectrum of Light into the many facets of energy and matter that establish the entire universe.  His theory was unified in that all processes were described as connected to evolutionary pathways, whereby energy evolves into substance.  Russell made many scientific discoveries based on his methodology, and predicted the nature and type of elements before they were discovered.

Russell did not separate his scientific theories from his theories of human consciousness, and promoted unabashedly that a reality beyond what is commonly sensed is very real.  He not only believed in experiences of that super-reality, but asserted that much of his knowledge was available only after such experiences.  And thus, as did Richard Bucke, upheld that  the experiences of ‘mystics’ were not unreal, and were in fact established as common ground in the evolution of humankind.


Relative Modality - Conscioiusness and Mind


Adam Sea Klein moved fully into the concepts of consciousness and cognition - pulling apart the very concepts that give us drive for action, change, and self-awareness.  He has made all content for both websites and free to the public.

Adam found that one of the great difficulties in establishing reliable growth in terms of consciousness, intellect, and emotional overtures is the struggle to hold a framework of understanding of the human cognition process.  Most human activity extends from the need to accomplish something or following some path of curiosity or desire.  In a 3-dimensional world filled with need, the mind maps out necessary action to maintain a physical body, to complete a personal sense of drive, and to exapand desires - all of which are the primary functions that motivate and control our human actions...


In terms of higher consciousness, and the evolution of that consciousness in humankind there is no greater need than to understand the sequence by which desire fires through the human system. Gaining an understanding of motives, drives, and emotional platforms is key to understanding that system - this is the basis for Adam Sea Klein's Relative Modality.

Much of Cosmic Consciousness is about very inspired individuals sparking the essence of new ideas and principles that ultimately spread across the world, especially due to the humanitarian nature of those ideas.  It can be very hard to accept ideas of greater truths that exceed the experience of the world we already know.  There is challenge in conceptualizing higher consciousness, higher principles, and the potentiality of a universal framework, or God, among a world that can deliver great discomfort, unhinged experiences, and the shady, violent sides of nature and humankind.

Who we are as individuals relies on many factors; some natural, some from experience, and some conditions we make within ourselves.  Knowing and understanding our own mind, and the mechanical network that drives our mind, has outstanding use.

To truly see modes of mind, and the inner-workings of our own emotional states is a potent tool.  We often cannot overcome experiences of draw nervous energy and expenditure by reflexive parts of ourselves.

Understanding our modality is of great purpose.  We can become other than what we are, more easily.  We can see our habits and patterns interlock.  We can see our needs and wants conflict.  We can see how we become what we are, what our choices are based from, and how we affect humanity at large through action or inaction.

In the great reach for higher consciousness, we are limited directly by how our energy can be ignited - our mind can be expanded and then unified.  We are endlessly on layers of quests, in the reach to become connected with the true potential that the universe allows us to discover.

Every aspect of the universe undergoes change, and by the very nature of material science, small particles of material manifest the entire known world.  It can be expected that the evolution of the mind will only continue, and a self-expanding, self-editing, driven natural world of mind.

Adam Sea Klein has presented a new model - that conceptualizes the pathways of consciousness, and how they manifest desire in that pathway of reaching for universal potential.  It is a set of modalities that allow reference to common pathways our minds become frequently lost within.

We can gain from this work as needed, to manifest higher self awareness, and to derail problematic tendencies as desired: this leads to the freeing of resources that might otherwise be lost.

The great foundation of higher consciousness comes from the willingness to reflect, and the desire to put away what does not work in our lives - by exceeding problematic states of mind.  While the natural life is ours to live, the great search for expansiveness helps guide us to a balanced life.


The term Cosmic Consciousness has a many-fold purpose that entails both a state of mind and a quest of increasing awareness of universal connectivity.  This occurs by acquiring a state of mind that is increasingly more in-tuned with the creative drivers of reality itself.

The pursuit of such understanding often begins with internalized questions, and begins with small glimpses, and developed understandings.  The human mind has a huge variance when it comes to individual points of knowledge, and a holistic sense of all things known to an individual.  We acquire points of reference and terminology.  We begin to assess the field of knowledge with increasing depth, and we try to take our small realizations into function, to use that understanding to affect our lives.

The average learning process, in this mode of thinking, takes on a new form.  The human creature exists within a life, and we can reflect on that life, or just keep moving along.  The more one becomes insistent upon understanding the overarching dilemma to a greater extent - the more that mind begins to come to terms with the many corridors in the labyrinth of thinking that seeking higher knowledge entails.  Higher awareness is a subject matter, that expands with learning the facets and mental decision points involved in contemplating life, reality, consciousness, and the universe.

Cosmic Tome has been created to enable a quick path to seeing holism in the universal creative method, taking scientific understanding to a great overarching sense of the universal creative process.  This allows an easy backbone of reference which is ideal for new knowledge to mount upon.  Following the series of pages in the main menu one-by-one will touch on the way the universal light wave builds itself into all created things.  This single home page is a lengthy piece of writing that will discuss the entire mental precept with greater detail — discussing the condition of Cosmic Consciousnesses (also written as “C.C.”) and the human travails in acquiring higher states of mind.


When it comes to perception-based learning, the mind typically operates in a mixed manor, with unfolding linear perception of time.  Our grasp of timely unfolding forever coincides, or clashes, with the object and relationship awareness of holism and systemic / spatial conceptualization.

Throughout life, our senses, experiences, and learnings have delivered to us an understanding of reality.  However, we are existent upon those senses.  We see and feel what the universe has permitted, as those senses have been evolved within the universe itself.  We are exceptionally tied to the upbringing, and the method of existence that creates us, actively, and experientially through the universe.

Humankind has gone through countless stages of the evolution of mental capacity, and just as we break records every day, so the collective awareness of humanity progresses to make new discovery, and reach new stages of ideological awareness.

Everything we learn changes us.  It leads to new decisions, understanding, and coping mechanisms.  We map out our path of will and desire accordingly.

In relation to our ordinary daily mindset, higher states of awareness create separation in the primary condition, ensconced by sensory information alone.  The human mind can think of extraordinary concepts — conditions that we do not sense or feel.  However, it is not written into the mind and body as a requirement to search in such a way, especially with depth.

If we consider the difference of thinking about weightlessness, versus actually being in outer space and floating without the effects of gravity – one is an idea, but the other is an experience.  The mind and body change in accordance with experience in ways that ideas cannot fully acquire.

To reach for higher understanding and higher awareness is in many ways like trying to reach for the idea of weightlessness — the mind basically understands and knows the principle, and can even compare it to floating in water.  The more you think about the concept of weightlessness, the more you can take the body just slightly in that direction of understanding.  The process of expanding the mind, from an idea into vicarious experience, can translate across hundreds, or thousands of aspects of what we are as an individual mind.  In many ways, this is how humanity has grown through the ages — an idea was sensed as verifiable and real, and then the mind worked to seek such progress.

When we truly analyze a new perspective, then push through, understand and experience a change of viewpoint across many features of the mind, we become different people.

The more a person wants to expand their awareness, the more they push against the boundary of what they are.  As we approach each conceptually unique fork in the road, as we feel each contour of thought process – we begin to see and intuit the shape and forms of what we are.  Each time the mind seeks to reach beyond, to something new, we approach a wall and we push a little, or we push a lot.  We antagonize our previous belief in some way, we seek answers, and then feel, and live, the questions as they unfold and deliver us to the places where answers are made, or understood — where new truths are digested, and made a part of ourselves.

Humanity has been doing this for so long, writing a history of both wonderful and terrible ways to express and change the world.  Each experience of misery ratchets down the loss, and allows, if desired, a new way forward without the struggles of the past being actively re-projected into our current way of life.


Searching for universal answers is inherent to the human mind.  Thousands of religions have been created, and cultures have adapted these ideologies to explain existence, to create a method of coping with reality, and often to create a behavior set, to motivate and make fluid the ways of society.

Many great advancements have extended due to religion, and many disasters as well.  Many such problems exist today.  Cultures clashes, rules that lead to domination, and ingrained stigmas that force people into classes — many of these ideas get slowly weeded out in cultures, regardless of what a religious document seems to say, or the flaws that were ingrained within it.  While greater ideas of societal wholeness were developed over time — the ways of life in the past were far from flawless.

Humanity evolved, bringing out new ideas and understandings, while also dragging forward the prejudice and inclination to ignore and repress the soon to flourish advances in human intelligence.

While primal existence was difficult, and often brutal, the conditions of life extend until today, despite many attempts at social or religious reform.

Even today in our advanced industrial age… production levels are 6 times what they were in the 1940’s, yet there is still poverty, great hardship, and a never-ending reduction to the value of labor.  What has allowed this great transit to withdraw the growing values of humankind?  Yet, the modern example is but a mere grain of sand in the incomparable history of unfair law, brutality, cronyism, and nepotism that has actually driven world societies as a whole – while institutionalized spiritualism, which was frequently corrupt itself, acted like a band-aid or blanket to suppress some primal instincts, yield some inkling of hope, and in many cases, simply silence and possibly control the masses.  These various entanglements of culture can be difficult to sort out in a few short words, but most people are aware of them, as history undoubtedly displays.

There have been innumerable religions that purport the single cure, the single truth and light.  In many of these religions, there is a perfectly decent set of cultural guidelines.  Yet the world as we know it, does not resemble even the full concept of these stories, in terms of growing ultimate stability or utopia in the world, much less to have generated fairness in the darker ages of humankind.

Democracy only recently became a worldwide phenomenon, which attests to the extreme grip that corrupt society had on humankind.  Even today, it is widely presumed that these democracies are entrenched with a distorting level of corruption within themselves.

We are such an advanced world, yet we are mere fledglings in a universal evolution, even still.

Where does that evolution of mind come from?  Often the very people who were tortured for their viewpoints, ostracized, neglected, or set aside became the latent messengers.  People want that which is interesting, beneficial, prosperity-yielding, but at their very core — the advancement of the species has relied on people who want what is good for others — they strive to make that connection, to innovate, and create change in ways that do not obstruct our inherent human rights to exist, to express ourselves, and to build ways of life that are supportive to a better life for all.

At every stage in history, there were people of great affluence who reduced their enormous advantage, and transferred a portion of the socio-economic pipeline back to the people at large.  These created huge movements that spread over time – because that which is good is contagious, through genuine kindness, or rebellion.

We are still there, in that place today, even within some very prosperous nations.  Much of the world lives in tremendous struggle, even fighting to get clean water.  Some corporations have even moved to buy the single water source of such a village, and then force those people to buy back the water (Nestle).  Abominable conditions like this… this deeply corrupted attitude digs in like a barbwire cage upon humanity.

There is a deep theme of self-centeredness that runs across humankind, it’s our primal urge to survive and thrive, and for most people, the “us vs. them” thinking is an emotional driver that plays a role throughout an entire lifetime.  The same minds that treat humanity like animals… they remain animals themselves.  Our world, if left to such primitive psychologies would fall apart in a mere few days if societies were absent of law – if terrible experiences unfolded – and if those of delinquent mind began to press fully into the world of goodness that is trying to rise up.  So, we are among a serious of order-producing systems that serve us, and also, permit problematic tendencies.

So many examples of sheer treachery extend into humanity’s past.  Our nations lay on endless beds of undue, unnecessary death and destruction.  We are only a few hundred years beyond world conditions of constant slavery, forced colonization, and every manor of “taking” that humanity is capable of.

What part of these behaviors could possibly be included in the idea of Cosmic Consciousness?  Ultimately, none of them.  The right to defend ourselves is inherent, and the potential of being inflicted upon by a lesser soul is possible.  Humanity will still walk that walk.  Yet, the evolution of mind pushes against that wall as well.

What is important to recognize is that we are amidst a great evolutionary pathway – where intelligence and experience meet, one incident, and one movement at a time.

The conscience is progressively bloomed, one small portion at a time, until society enforces a system that does not permit greater negligence, house corruption, and enable takers to ruin the true landscape of human inheritance upon this shared globe.

What level of ‘rightness’ or ‘wrong’ must be ascribed to generate such movement?  What is required to wake up humanity?  What motivation or change could possibly spark the next movement to bring humanity to the true threshold of decency in all world-wide activity?

It takes one.  One person to wake themselves up.  It takes one mind to ask legitimately about the world, our existence, the nature of life itself.  It takes a single person to begin to consider the nature of their choices, the way they express themselves, and the need for the world to receive a softer hand.  It takes a single person to reach for heightened experience, to reach for greater emotionality, and to use their mind in new ways — just enough to see beyond the single life, and the history we were forced to digest — to reach beyond the expected, and try dearly to really measure and weight what is really going on.

One person at a time, the world changes.  Those who clutch to a primal mentality cling to the sinking ship that might be their end — especially if there is more to the world than we current see, which there is.

The awakened change their trajectory to any degree they might, and they see and know more, and they take part in a universal creative process, often with great support from those of similar mind.

The crude ways of old are always extinguishing themselves.  The minds that embrace negative attributes extends upon an ever-narrowing branch that leaves them an inferior, regrettable experience that will shame them upon awakening, in this life or beyond.


A person is themselves at any moment, a mind and body, a memory, a set of impulses, challenges, and goals.  A person is a sensed and felt reaction to life itself.

A person is also a collection of potentials.

The concept of the higher self stems from the idea that one version of a mind always has avenues of evolution that can be extended through life, in living, making choices, and taking action.

We reach to see something differently, we try to better assimilate, we generate new ideas, and take part in society’s movements one way or another.

We are each other’s enablers, and sometimes creators, as our interactions blend together, each set of eyes presenting a fractional mirror.

We are a series of connection, relationships, and transforming desires.

We become who we make ourselves to be – to some degree.  We become what remains of our mind after performing our duties.  We become what our health allows.  We become a new assimilation of connection, which changes constantly.

The human mind is a partial illusion of a ‘solid state’ mixed with a great fluidity, as our attention moves, our memory changes priority, and as we are forced to reflex based on experiences — the positive and terrible experiences we may have.

If untended, if not activity adjusted, it is very easy to become a lower version of ourselves.  The more we endure unnecessary conflict — the more treachery, neglect, deceit, and negativity we experience leaves many with a greater likelihood of being dragged downward.  This is the ultimate predicament, when a good person is actively changed by a negative situation, to create huge walls of the persona, super-active, if not reflexive mechanisms to deal with treachery — and plenty of subtle, or subconsciousness mental parameters that alter who we are.

This condition can define the life experience, but it does not define what we are.  We are an enigma of a vast creating universe.  We are a concept of mind — a veritable window to reality that self-adjusts.  We are beyond even the concept of creative energy in so many ways, though energy better describes us than matter itself.

What we are becomes more, as we establish what is greater.  Small changes to our persona within have phenomenal affects on ourselves, and those around us — and it is so easily seen, especially to those who fine-tune their awareness to see how small effects move from one person to another, and change everything, at all times.

This active series of living interactions, this vast incremental network, motivates all people, at all times, yet remains to be acknowledged in passing ways mostly.

When a single person throws a rock into a lake, the entire lake is moved — in our world of consciousness, this is not only true, it is the largest impact of any quality in the entire world.  The nature of mind, the changes we make, and the way we interact with ourselves and the world is in fact the most powerful force in the world.  Yet, this aspect of our reality often remains the most neglected, and least acknowledged aspect of life itself — it is the foundation and principal that C.C. extends with, at its center.

Who we are, individually, and together, in our great journey through reality, laces together and creates the ultra-complex living artwork.  We have been given an unbelievably intricate mode of existence, put forward by an energy of such incredibly aptitude, it defies logic itself…

We are the creations of a creative process, and we exhibit traits that can only be described as a small slice of the intelligence that somehow put us into existence.

We are energetic beings in an energetic world, floating not only in space, but we ourselves are composed mostly of space…

This being the case, we cannot, without a single doubt, assert that we are the singular point of intelligence for the universe, nor all created beings in undiscovered places.  In fact, we cannot assert a single proof of origination or ending to our concept of existence.  We are at the mercy of endless scientific processes that are so intricate and balanced, that we have only a sign of greater intelligence to assume put us into existence.

And here we are, with a vast indelible life force, and the ability to change the universe, and to change ourselves.  That progress, the way we bring ourselves to understand these things better, which is the cosmic process — the evolution of experience and learning, the very alteration to our human minds and bodies that has been occurring for millennia.

Humanity is always moving into a higher self.  Individuals though, can do so much more rapidly.


The human mind and body is an attenuation device, whereby all conditions of energy manifest within, percolate and re-arrange in order to create finer expressions and more refinable purposes for the energy of life.

Higher intelligence manifests itself in the universe by nature and command of the universal process itself.  If the universe were to be erased, and started once again, the entire spectrum of the wavelength of energy would interact and again create an onset of universal processes.  Once again we would see the nebula and stars unfold, followed by the planets.  Life would again be sparked and set to evolve.  Once again, the manifestations of intelligence would arise.  Once again, the concepts of existence would arrive to humankind slowly through learned experiences.  Forms of morality would grow and be tested.  Ideas for the state of society would change and contour to the wills of the population.  Concepts of who we are, what we are, and the purpose of the lifetime of exploration would move in and out through the expanse of humankind.

And here we are, undergoing our living portion of that experience.  The universal driver, that is light, energy, and eventually will — it is the singular activating derivative condition that gives us an entire universe.

How then, in this lifetime, do we perceive this condition?  Is it a matter of acknowledgement, or a continued enhanced refinement of our own understanding and connection to that process?

A great mathematician begins with simple times tables.  A great musician begins plucking one string at a time.  The concept of Cosmic Consciousness asserts that when human intent is pointed towards the connection and understanding of the universal driver, that it will begin to attain small understandings that lead toward greater mastery of that awareness — that it is possible to exceed the current limitations of humanity to see beyond that veil in some way or form.  While few assert to know the eternal intricacies of what exists beyond our material reality, it is reaching for that understanding that has driven humanity upward in awareness since the dawn of mankind.

The way the human mind experiences this search is no different than how a mathematician or musician reaches to formulate something deeply satisfying, if not genius, as they learn each forming principle or wave of sound.

Just as with these professions, experience can be developed, and progress stared at intently – likewise, these ways of thinking can be set aside, and their effects diminished.  Such is the way with universal understanding, with self-awareness, and the interchange between the lower self and the higher self.

The experiences that come from such pursuit are as organic and unique to the individual as any other experience, as the psychology and personal nature unfold.  The better qualities are arisen, and the harsher qualities challenged.  The hidden issues within each person are dragged along, many of them possibly exacerbated, or given power, and in the end, the true hidden desire will be exposed.  The reach for personal enlightenment is a predicament, as much as a challenge to be sorted through – it is a quest as much as a mirror that slowly dials in the truth.

The experiences of Cosmic Consciousness, as outlined by Richard Maurice Bucke point out some of the exact moments when certain people have found their mind transformed.  This transformation seems to entail, for all, a letting go of previous conceptions, and personality driven features, that keep the mind constantly locked in a physical awareness.  At this point, something finally lets go.  The mind allows its capability and awareness to take on breadth and width – to see and feel with the whole of the body and thought process.  This expansive condition allows the body to feel an extensive and deep peace or exhilaration that is simply not possible in ordinary states of consciousness.

The taking on of greater awareness is beyond simply holding a set of understandings – it is a way of perspective that shifts the entire bodily awareness.  The mind sees, incrementally, the folly in singularly gripping to material purposes, social measures, and the strife and drama of daily life.  The mind begins an experience of transference into an expansive state of mind, that tries to see “what is true” and expand what life cannot describe to you.

The evolution of consciousness happens because someone bridges the gap of known ideas, and finds an un-sensed portion.  C.C. is a process whereby many such realizations that were acquired through life, are more systemically bridged at once.  The “ah ha” moments are expansive and set into a new awareness — that often has insight into an aspect of reality that appears quite supernatural.  The insight itself might seem small, and the mind might even find itself in both belief and disbelief, but it will remain a fact of that mind for a lifetime.  That is how the mind truly evolves.

A few hundred years ago, it was assumed that every land would have a dictator king rule over people.  Much has changed.  A few thousand years ago, the world was covered land battles that led to the enslavement, killing, or abuse of women and children who were not even involved in the battle.  Much has changed.  What experience drove humanity to change?  It was the conceptual realization that humankind is designing this world together, and the faults of the enemy can create faults in oneself.  The need to defend becomes a transference of consciousness into old ways of being. Yet, from the core of human awareness, there has consistently grown a taste for greater peace, a simple development in concept, that came after a seemingly endless complex duration of events.

Humanity has been purging itself of its sickness for quite some time – a process that remains to be only one side of the coin.  The other side of the coin is the forging new ideologies that rip away the old states of mind.  These shifts in perspective come from brutal lessons… or come from an active reach of mind, within one’s own mind — for this reason, there have always been those more obsessed with such evolution of themselves.  Intelligence has natured the realization that we can learn without experience, and that our learnings can take us to new experience.  As such minds develop, they charge themselves with energy that the world does not even believe is real – yet that energy perpetuates the entire universal existence.  To reach over into that state of existence, to exceed current potentials, and to draw from the universal wellspring is the precept of C.C.  — when the higher self is able to reach upward and develop greater Relative Modalities.


The energy and actions of living beings unfold, connected to desire, in order to meet some kind of purpose.  Many people wonder dearly over the concept of purpose.  Purpose is the paradoxical question answered easily in the riddle itself.  Our universe offers a plane of experience that is possible in no other condition.  If we alter or change one aspect of it, the whole procession changes.  While we cannot easily see behind the mechanism itself, the greater workings of the universe leave us with a lifetime of information to consider.  The universal body is so large, we cannot see the parts.

The act of understanding brings us knowledge, and it is the act of motion that brings us change — in every moment we utilize these two driving forces, and we answer the idea of purpose.  Reality is not an answer – it is a question – and that question is simply “What’s next.”  For that reason, we participate in life, using primitive emotions sometimes, and refined understanding other times.

We are an unfolding of desire and a structuring of the will.  For humankind, that mechanism has grown increasingly complex, which leads to great diversity, yet there is still a primary driver pushing through.

We are intended by the very nature of intelligence to try to understand ourselves, and our reality better.  Alongside this great purpose, we are to balance our experience.  This process is not fluid or refined in and of itself.

Many people are cast into suffering by conditions they did not create – yet is the creative drive in ourselves that seeks to defeat those problems and to move through each experience, decent or horrible, in any way possible.


We cannot easily see behind the veil of the universe — a reality that is of far superior evidence of intelligence than we as humans can appear to create.  The primary question of extraneous, supernatural existence that somehow permits our existence is the ageless question.  The seekers of answers often wonder, why does not the ‘supernatural’ mind that drives the universe intervene in horrid experiences?  If we could have this answer fulfilled, it would successfully answer every single question regarding our reality.  Where does the break occur, between the hidden reality, and our own physical universe?

Why are not the enslaved more easily able to escape?  Why are not the abused given freedom and vengeance?  Why are those who are about to experience wrongful death not healed or moved out of the way?  These questions keep many from believing in something greater, and its more than understandable.

However, when we look at the evolution of mind in the past — we know that within humanity there is a growing super-conscience — we begin to solve problems that alleviate humanity of suffering.  People work long and hard, and geniuses innovate.  The streams of the economy spread over the world, and finally the true essence of human society begin to speak up and change the world.

The more one behaves as though there is a beneficent, kind order behind the universe — the more the universe has these qualities.  The more one reaches out to learn about problems, and tries to solve those problems, the less recurrent, unnecessary suffering we have.

Especially in the last hundred years the flaws of our living experience have been diminished greatly –we are experiencing this transformation, and the experience of life is the only place this can happen.  To overcome challenges, to ride the waves of inspiration, and to feel each end to unique journeys.  We cope with ongoing problems, while at the same time, endure to find or create something beautiful to witness or enhance the world further.

We have been given a foothold to govern ourselves and our world — and in many cases, must fight to protect those rights.  Our will can perform almost anything we desire within the limits of the body, or within the current limits of our ability to work with the universe itself.

That is the experience itself… it asks us constantly… how will you work with the universal way?  How will you adjust to become what you believe in?  How will your understanding change what you see and feel?  How then, will your consciousness find a new ground to rest upon when it has seen upheaval?

These are the questions of the seeker and those who find higher awareness.


C.C. entails a rather broad term.  The experiences discussed within the term are wide ranging.  Richard Maurice Bucke learned about, and displayed examples that were within his reach at the time.  His sampling did cross religions, and touched on some of the larger religions, but a high number of his examples were more greatly tied to the western world.

At the core of the universal concept, the intent is to transcend the thousands of individual religions and instead discuss what actually occurs to the mind, in terms of change and experience of those who pursue such understanding.

There are so many religions, and many have a unique pathway intended to reveal their purported story of creation, tales of the afterlife, and ways that their founders permeated the veil of reality.  These stories, and the tales of each seeker are undoubtedly unique.  The psychology unfolds, and then a belief system is either discovered, or adapted from an outside source.  There have been many practices on the earth to discover such things, and some of them are very elaborate, detailed, and show intricate summation of very complex parts of the human psyche.  Some religions offer a rather direct path, which can leave people with very crossed ideas due to ambiguity or lack of focus.

Also, the true intent of the originators of the concepts within religions have seen historical distortion, or became watered down, or were even shaved so tightly that the only thing that remains is a story and a promise to be clung upon – often the case when old empires clamped upon a religion and then used the system to control people into obedience – a matter that has been historically exposed in countless religions from the Aztecs to Christianity itself.

One thing to consider, is that the world does not force or require a person to believe any such thing.  One can lead an entire life with no religious belief, no spiritual reach.  Inversely, a person can have total belief and reach, and merely hold a positive idea, a religion of story or creed, and that person can walk the earth on the forefront of humanity, a perfect loving model of the human mind.  Such diversity truly exists.

However, the more complicated attempts for minds to breech the known have been around incredibly long.  Detailed portrayals and mystic studies of the self, and the human mind, have occurred for a length of time that is difficult to understand.  Some individuals are born with a full-force need to pursue self-understanding, while the drive of others is more outward into the the world.  This variation is obviously natural.

The accomplishments of the pursuit to understand more are like any other pursuit, there are ‘maps’ to be covered, ‘monuments’ to be sorted out, and choices to be made.

Bucke displays a very wide breadth of examples of Cosmic Consciousness, in fact a very impressive array, since he was a live in the time when people either rode horses, or rode the train or ship — when no long distance communication was readily available.  His sampling was extensive for the time, but as we all know these days, the tides of C.C. have been rising with far greater diversity, and have in fact been cycling across the world with increasing rapidity.  The more connected humans become, the more the living field of our ideas merge, conflict, test, run outward, and the re-collect.  While our televisions provide increasing strife, the overall consensus for human dignity, peace, and equality only grows wider.

All over the world, through the unfolding millennia, there have been influences of spiritual awakening, of wisdom and repose that have touched otherwise disturbing mentalities that would have otherwise continued to rule.

The power of goodness and knowledge of this sort has a way of permeating whole cultures from the inside-out.  The way goodness spreads is through every personality type, and even the most humble and meek have a way of letting their entire ideology shine, as they collectively overturn the thought processes of bad actors, self-ignorance, denial of problems, and greed.

With great imbalance of power, few uphold a greedy self-detrimental world – the reason why higher thinking, and C.C. continue to grow at an unstoppable rate.  Power is not a thing, it is a condition that must be forced.  As Lao Tzu implied – if you want a peaceful people, keep them fed, give them homes, let their nature be nurtured, and quiet the threats around them.  However, if you want to live paranoid for life, as Lau Tzu also implied, then horde everything you can and spend your time fighting off robbers.  Those robbers, after all, will be the people of the masses who lived in neglect, who did not have food, houses, or ways to use their mind to grow themselves.

Those were powerful statements in an era of empires and total control of resources and the population.

Lau Tzu’s single book influence millions of people, and over time, such sayings moved to inspire thousands of people of earthly wealth and social power:  some of those people then made new decisions and gutted the existent virulent attempts at domination — they manifested new ways of life.

Such simple, powerful wisdom came from Lau Tzu in 600 BC – and similar social observances, and spiritual advances, have tapered and tamed some of the world’s darkest hours.

Today, much has changed — yet still contrary influences enact to exact unparalleled scales of greed and control.  Yet, from the inside, within the population grows an ever-enlarging wave of simple social dissonance, that will inevitably change the world again, and again, with no stopping in sight.

As our world’s geniuses step forward and make slightly altered decisions, to use their great powers of the mind to alter humankind for the greater good… the world as we once knew it will fade.  Today we are in that era again — at this late industrial stage — an age riddled with solutions.  At the same time, the world is casting new great regrets, short sightedness, and establishment of foes, through their own greed, jilt humanity from a more perfect satisfaction, a world of greater health, lessened death, and suffering for which there was no excuse to have occurred.

And for these reasons, there is a need for more than a blind following.  There is great need to move beyond bad ideologies, or to remain ignorant to misinterpretations.

For that reason, there are now, and always have been elaborate systems to induce awakening, and many self-observers who go very far beyond many measures described in Bucke’s accounts.  There are many of life-long devotion to such principles, who seek to live in the plane just above our reality — in a state of mind that is only in the material world by the inability to fully escape it.  And such people have existed in many religions throughout humanity’s darker and brighter years.

This precept, to extend beyond all current understanding, is assumed to be the bedrock of C.C. — it is not a state of mind achieved that attempts to know the perfect universe, and mend the imperfect universe —  it is a state of mind to see the greater stage, and reach beyond ordinary perception, and to influence greater ways of being.

Coalescence of ideology makes a person see their plane of existence, and allows them to test the barriers, in order see a further glimpse.  The ‘action’ or way of perceiving is unique to no single religion.  Yet, we can see how the ideologies within religions live up to the widest breadth of enlightenment, and which precepts within those religions fail.  We see it in the outcome of social strife that develops within and around those who swear by those singular outlets.  Richard Maurice Bucke seemed to sense the shortcomings of perception that were instilled, from his view, in many ancient writings as well.

In the search for enlightenment, some studies treat the awakening condition with deep study.  Mysticisms with complex ideas can be found — such as shamanism, Hindu yoga, Jewish or Christian mysticism, or the long training of Buddhist monks – there can be found many layers of spiritual pursuit, with progressive experiences that are both increasingly enlightening, but also change the very nature of the human being.

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These studies are not privy to any one religion however, and some studies have great enlightening ability, yet somehow the culture holds onto very dreadful things.  Examples of this are the Caste System, female enshrouding, female exclusion from education, zero freedom of speech with the threat of death, no freedom of ideology or religion.  Even the Old Judeao-Christian system openly stoned people to death for adultery.  And while adultery is one of the more problematic scenes and experience of life, today in the modern world, it is considered more positive for people to rise above such drama, tend to their emotional scars, and forge onward.  And so, in the modern world, we fight against exclusionary systems that isolate and treat many unequally or with unnecessary violence.  We endure the struggle required to exhibit freedom and promote strength and change, and do not insight severe repercussion for simple things, incidences, and negative dramas of life.  We do the opposite in fact, and diminish drama, violence, and abuse, even of the verbal type.

Our world has come so far, one precept at a time, developed then changed, through the rising consciousness and demand of the population at large — while those of greater wisdom finally insisted to their friends of great power, that the negative ways of life are contagiously self-damning as much as they create occlusion to their own way of being, and sensations regarding the value of integrity in life.

In this way, we all rise, progressively we seek change - and those who reach for the next tier of understanding already compose the next wave of greater awareness to follow.


The first status quo, for all living beings, is the condition of equilibrium.  This requires some balance to the state of mind, condition of body, and simple lifestyle factors that translate to general safety, and some projected safety in the future.

In this condition the body and mind are freer of stress, and added stressors are predominantly psychological.  People have great ties to their physical situation in life.  Even though we are capable of great idealization and fantasy, the human emotional system can struggle to achieve the highest emotions if the overall sense of life is dismaying.

Picture one of the greatest moments of your life.  Try to feel the true sensation of that period of time.  Feel out the structures around you at the time, financial, social, and in relationships.

As the human mind is encapsulated in a body, and the body interacts with the world… why can’t the mind fully recreated the totality of emotional uplift from memory simply because it wants to?

Some have greater mobility of ecstasy, and emotional fluidity – but most do not.  Most people search through the world, and rifle through many conditions looking for that sweet spot.

It can easily be said that humanity does not always know what it wants, and rarely experiences total fulfillment.  For this reason, our emotions can be altered dramatically by making a huge financial gain, a huge change in social arrangements, or a life change of some kind.

Change is intended in life.  We are emotionally motivated to reach for something.  Even the most ecstatic moments will fade.  The great ecstasies of life will arrive, and they will transform in ways rarely predicted.

There is a great condition deeply ingrained in the human psyche tied to dilemmas, problems, solutions, and goals.  The human being is on a trajectory for incidence and alteration — it is our life course.

As we must take action, the drivers inside of us force it anyways.  We were built to move and interact, and our brains have an elaborate rating system to gauge situations and promote activity that benefits the body.

At what point does this aspect of life — the living equation — touch and surface into the infinite, a place with no before or after — a condition we can only imagine.  And, if we can begin to push towards such a place, then what is the accompanying emotion and mindset?

The various conditions of interfacing with the ultimate unknown have been discussed for millennia.  Conditions such as samadhi, grace, gnosis, enlightenment, zen, have been used to discuss the condition people found themselves in – conditions quite foreign to the ordinary state of mind.  An entire section of the population, across all cultures, seems naturally bent on interfacing with that condition.

Where does life begin and the experience end while inside life?  Where is the core driving feature, and how is it to be derailed for higher sensations without worldly ties?  Where is the potency of higher calibration lead… were does the mind go, when the constant daily actions stop, where the mind pulls focus away from the plane of the senses – what happens when the sensational system is given new parameters to adjust by?

Slowly but surely, the adamant mind or the calm mind, the intellectual mind, or the emotional body can begin to uproot a life explanation from the world we are submerged within.  In that progressive state, that dialogue inside, we take stones from one basket, and place them in another basket – we remove our singular bet on the world being shown to us, and start to place our central being in a wider state of mind.  To levy our way of being in a way that is universal, not merely the local physical adaptation that otherwise owns us for the rest of our life.

How the mind determines equilibrium is relative.  Common measures are usually material and necessary.  Yet the strength in potency gained by ecstatic revelation are not geared towards the simple strife of daily life – they are far more deeply rooted, and further reaching in all other aspects of the human life.

How is Cosmic Consciousness Acquired?

Usually the search begins by simply wanting to know more about reality than has been delivered in the past.

The universe and our planet have existed for so long… our reality doesn’t exactly force us to understand it.  It has taken millennia to see behind some of the most basic mechanisms, scientifically.

With any experiential course of learning, one must want and need to see beyond the current experience of understanding.  The deepest initial looks might come from reading the works of others… but that will take a second seat to the surge of will to see and feel something greater than the dramatic world around us.

While we can find great resonance with the words of others with much lifetime devoted to understanding our condition in reality, it is almost as if reality reluctantly shows even the smallest glimpses beyond our physical world.  We are anchored in this reality for a reason, with senses based upon it.  Those who seek small touches of what C.C. entails - they ask for something far in-between what the brain and body willingly show us every day.  What is the extra-sensory data?  How are the five senses supposed to register or interact with something beyond them.

Let’s use a few analogies:
A scale weighs things, and we cannot fathom a scale that measures length and distance.  Yet we can in fact take the scale and lay it down, and pick it up many times moving it length to length, and we can measure distance through inference.

Likewise, we cannot expect a page filled with random scribbles to show us something specific.  Yet if we stare long enough, our mind can begin to sort out shapes, and over time, we can extract pieces of that abstraction, and determine a shape and form that the mind considers useful, or interesting.

Similarly, we can experience countless things, and these scenes and sayings have one meaning, yet, some day far beyond, we can analyze these things, and our sense of understanding can change altogether.

The qualities of these three analogies come from innovation, assembly of reason, and counter-balancing experience with contemplation.

To wish for greater understanding leads to a magnification of the minds ability to draw in a more watchful, detailed experience, and contemplatively speaking – a game of checkers becomes a game of chess, and as time passes, the player of the game begins to see the perspective of the inventor of the game.

In such an instance, how is such a game designed?  The pieces have their moves and limits, and the board has its proper size.  We can learn to play such a game, and can study it for a lifetime, but what happens when our attention moves fully to the nature of games, itself, and we begin, piece by piece to try and understand the motivation behind the maker?  In that state of mind, we can lay out a thousand possibilities for such a game, and whittle them down, and change things in great detail, or broadly.  We can begin to see why the game exists, and how it came to be, and it is as simple as that.  Being that we are figures within reality, it is very hard to see beyond the universe. But, our minds can take us very far in understanding how, and why it came to be.

As the universal force is energy, activity, creation itself in an animated energy — we are closer, with intelligence or awareness, to the maker than we are to the material things.  And this was written in the equation before we began to exist, before our planet came to be, before our universe became what it is today.

Reality exists beyond the singular qualities that our senses show us in our science-based life and understanding.

Since our senses do not easily reveal what is behind the scenes, we find that our minds are the only capable devise to begin to push beyond that basic understanding.  As the universe took billions of years to evolve intelligence on our globe, it seems there is no rush to force us to reach beyond the veil.  This was prescribed in the universe itself, yet we are developing within to measure our situation better, to draw better images from the abstraction, and to design a better game, and to see our image more clearly.

Tapping into this condition is the premise of C.C. – it requires only the want to know, and the creation of that quality as an important priority among the many qualities of life we experience and endure.

Even the strongest will, and most adamant pursuit can extend a lifetime — because just as life evolves, so our understanding adjusts.  Those who seek answers for all the world’s problems do so intentionally, or at the very least, position themselves with a question.  Their mind then expands with that purpose, and like a lens of a telescope, it begins to assemble the feint flickering of light from a seemingly distant idea.

State of mind, state of being, level of awareness — these are platforms from which our cognition takes on intent.  These are states that are both active and passive.  These conditions can change everything, from understanding, character, demeanor — as well as determining with what perspective we see from, what feelings can emit, and the very nature of our mind to contemplate and assemble what we see, feel, and know.

This type of tuning is often hoped to reveal all solutions at once, but it is not so easy.  Just as we practice a great skill, like math, music, or writing — we put in the work to become better and more finely tuned.  The reality around us, however, has its own agenda, and we are a part of that great sea.  While human beings have struggled for deeper understanding, most of it was earned through stepping forward through great challenges.  Our great hope for pure supernatural revelation seems contorted, as we wish for greater outcomes, greater knowledge, and the ability to make changes in our physical universe, as though with manifested will alone.

That will, is so extended, and the finer way of reality do respond, but our physical realm is physical first. Where we can breach into deeper understanding and response is, most guaranteed, in ways that cannot be abused by our ultimately fickle nature.  This seems to lead to the greatest confusion — as our momentary focus of consciousness seems then forced to deal with great passiveness of response.  It’s like preparing to move a mountain, and being confused when only the pebble is moved.  In this way, the mind is continuously able to sift between the phenomenon of attention versus… a vague concept similar to ‘faith’.  Our will is essential, yet it is not the capacitor.

Consider this example:
It wasn’t until a couple hundred years ago that a very adamant fellow mapped out and discovered that if city sewage leaked into city water, it would make people ill and die… countless people died.  It would have required only a supernatural whisper to save those lives.  The will of all people to know such things may be incredibly strong, yet we are forced to wrestle with materiality first.  Examples like this make it quite difficult for many to believe in a supernatural awareness of any kind.

It was written that we must seek the answer to a problem.  It was also written that cognitive impact evolve through the ages.  Interference is somehow written out, and people suffer in a way we all deem quite unnecessary.

Yet, as disbelief mounts — we sit in the splendor of a universal machine that self-perpetuates itself, the essence of the answer was within us from the first flickering of the sun that created the earth.  The solutions to the fundamental scientific problems we seek… already exist.  It was pre-mapped into existence not only to create us, but to give us the drive to seek understanding, and the ability to balance the equation with found information.

This is the same cognizance required to motivate resources within us to see what is possible, with the mind itself.  Just as we were rewarded with the discovery of cholera contagion, so we are rewarded with subtle but definite disclosures of ‘the beyond’.  We are not merely attenuation devices — we are playing an active role in defining the future of what a human being is — that foundational cause is inherent in the universe, in the equation that creates all things, and it seems inseparable to the universal concept.  Finger-snap cures have not been given to humanity.  Immediate escape from terrible situations are not within our power.  Does this disprove ‘supernaturality’… or is this how things are, for a reason.

Here are two very different descriptions that would alter how one responds to this dilemma.

  1. The universal driver is an enigmatic energy source, as our minds are, and is an ‘existance’ of its own. Subject to the benefits and problems of that system. In this case, our concept of the universe becomes much like our predicaments in life.  We can solve some of them, but we cannot get to the immediate resolve.  In this case, reality is a great contraption that by existence, has deep effect, and also deep flaws.  While we cannot resolve the ‘flaw’ that enables people to suffer unnecessarily, we have to endure those flaws, as we are a reality by Creation Imperium — that is to say, our manifestation of reality is ‘forced’ to be as it is, even if all would like it to be different, including any intelligence behind that creation.  Just as a lake is forced to be a lake, and a squirrel is forced to be a squirrel — likewise we can create a house, but that house will never be a mountain, because that’s not how it works.  In this case, reality takes on a human dimension —
  2. If the mind cannot accept this view, then we are stuck to assume there is no supernatural possibility and no greater intelligence to the universe. In this case, perhaps, due to a fatal flaw of non-intervention, all possibility is dismissed thereafter.  This amounts to eliminating all belief in a superior governance of any kind, due to a very undesirable quality of the universe.

Both views are acceptable because the world will not force a person to believe one view over the other.  It was written in the nature of reality itself to not disclose its entire nature.  We cannot blame people for wanting to see before they say something is true.

However, the quest for higher awareness is a stage of the game that requires great attention to distill a great amount of what we experience, with only the promise of breeching the veil in the subtlest ways at first.  Just as one cannot become a world class mathematician the day they first learn math, it takes a while to position the mind to see what must be seen.  It takes more than a few tries to ask the question, to become properly aware, and to see the answer for what it really is!

The world is beautiful but flawed, yes.  We can see and experience notes of heaven and hell right here.  We can diminish our existence, or look for the way through our understanding, to know what ultimately exists, beyond what seems to be.  The universe is a force of experience.  Life is like that.  Just as we try to ‘be’ and get by, so does the universe try.

Understanding is a forged and found condition.  Consciousness is a muscle that must be worked to grow stronger.  The greater spirit seems not to be a method of ultimate awareness capable of intervening regularly…  yet, those who pursue greater use of the energies find altered course, and see that older limits to a rigid grasp of the world fold away ion occasion.

The primary feature to such interaction is what is tied to the will, conjuration, and alteration of the being itself.  It is a sense, and sometimes like an appendage, a devise of will, a way of reaching.  But getting what we want according to the will seems not to be a part of reality… and that is the mystery of higher perception.

There are so many countless instances where terrible things could have been prevented with a simple whisper — yet that whisper was nowhere to be found.  However, sometimes it is quite clear that the knowledge was in the person, and they chose to ignore.

Life itself, and this 3D world that perpetually creates itself — is still predominantly about the creative process.  Reality always asks “what’s next” and we, as living beings within that ultimate structure create our collective reality, and we are also subjected to the creations of others.  The power of the cosmos has divided itself, and manifest within an entire reality.  In this condition, we have powers of manifestation, yet bear the limits of that power in measure to our understanding… our ability to protect… our cognizance to make decisions…

For many our struggle grows from witness suffering caused by others.  This condition means that the misuse of life and energy by others serves to ensnare all others who would reach for a better grasp of our universal energy.  The ‘lower’ in these cases serves to slay the ‘higher’.  This is the truth within, and is the truth out in the world.

If we can accept the flaws in health and nature, and if we can seek to surpass the evils in the world — then we can let loose a great, inhibiting modality, and we can strive to be more than human, more than animals, we can seek to know our state of mind when, to some degree, unified with the true intent-full driver of the universe itself.  And if the tremendous resources of mind and heart could truly extend beyond the ordinary range across the world… we could change the very conditions of suffering to whole new levels.  This mapping is in the design, it is in the nature of mind.  The drivers that syncopate to expand the breech of ill will are in the seed of mind itself.  The growing ability to drive out the flaws of mind that extend lesser conditions upon the world are already in the seed of consciousness.  Our minds, the human paradigm, and our ability to seek and develop greater abilities has not stopped growing.  We are evolutionary creatures, and not by mere natural selection alone.  We are driven to seek higher awareness because the game was designed to allow that to occur.

Every choice in the way of being, every experiment, every reach for greater understanding is the effort – and the effort itself IS the method.  In evolution, the features we rely on were developed over eons, selected by the animal urge to take new variations of the senses to new terrains and new objectives.  It can only be expected that to generate new ways of being, and new states of existence would take substantial awareness, some effort, and at the very least, the will to change!

Reality will not simply open its doorways — we are within this system, but the strength of concept comes to those who reach.  As many self-realized people have found — the human being exhibits only part of its abilities, yet the mind that gazes upon the world, that enacts, it becomes different with every stage we evolve through in our understanding.  If the goal is perfect knowledge, or perfection in behavior, it might always seem a far distance away — but without such searching, it is most assured, we remain untethered from all angles to a greater world, and a far cry from universal knowledge.

While many arrive to similar conclusions through many pathways — it is that mysterious level of unseen connection that all who seek C.C. end up trying to reach.

The peculiar insights, the weighing of truth against superstition… the crashes and peaks of ideology… the washing away of the old, and the generative learning process that follows — the exposure of one’s true motivations, and the willingness to look deeper, despite the change it brings.

How one comes to reach for greater awareness often becomes a strange journey, that greatly goes untold.  It is a theme and predicament, an internal plot that untangles and unfolds.  There are stretches of great assimilation of information, and there are great periods of doubt; when questions that cut to the very core, seem to push one out into the world again.

The ultimate conclusion ends up being an awareness of a potential universe and Earthly situation that requires humanity to act, to create fairness, equality, and improved living conditions for life — even though primal nature pushes many to do otherwise, since competition and self-centered thinking otherwise dominate.

There are so many mysteries to reality, yet with a true grasp of what Cosmic Consciousness entails – there can be a scientific, philosophical, humanitarian, emotional, and thought-based framework that is much more robust and useful than the alternative view: that we are cast in an endless universe with no maker or underlying intelligence involved.  And neither should one remain buried in a story alone, if more understanding is needed, and so the reach for definitive edges in the concepts of reality are, by nature itself, encouraged to be sought and experienced for oneself.

As the mind and body unite with a collective ideology of truth, congeniality, and repose — all who seek, will find, and all who find will be amazed.


Some religions rely on an emulation process.  The main figures are said to hold the qualities most akin to the desire of the universal maker.  There is nothing wrong with directly striving to be a good person, or a potent person as a figure in society.  Some people are very active and are not naturally bent towards contemplation, or other processes that lead to changes of consciousness.

A system of ‘unfolding’ is not required — but in some cases, gaps in understanding can lead emulation astray.  It is very difficult and cumbersome to write out a list of 10,000 rules of behavior, and likewise it would be difficult for a person to infer 10,000 rules based on emulation of a single figure.

We also have prominent examples of religions being hijacked and sprayed onto groups of people.  Distortions of the original intent only further diversify the negligence.

Life has evolved over eons, yet in some cases small collections of anecdotes wash over people and remove any want for deeper consideration.  It has never been deemed necessary to be super intelligent and spend copious amounts of time trying to understand reality.  Every person has a way of being, and enhancing that way of thinking and feeling to reflect a better version of oneself is the essence of most positive philosophies, religions and mysticisms.  It is only fair to state that the world’s 4,200 religions — that not a single one of them can claim exclusivity over the entire spirit of humanity.  Such organizations of thought are accounts and proclamations of people who sought to know the answers to reality and to reach supernatural experiences.  There is no such account that came without individuals desiring to understand more, and to take actions that match their beliefs.

The written materials were pushed through history.  Some stories moved along with resonance — or in many cases — moved with measures of psychological grief, as they were more or less threatened into believing the system word for word.  People hold what they believe, and thought systems arise challenge beliefs.  These ways of thinking allow people to see both the grace and hardships of life with more clarity, or better feeling.

In the end, it is the togetherness, syncopations, and the improvement to the worldly condition that seems inevitable to manifest over time.  Individuals must play a role to manifest a greater reality.  It is the desire to do what helps that progressively takes precedent.  By sharing discovery and collaborating efforts to resolve the very conditions that we all fight against, we grow as a whole.  In such matters religion can, and has, served to create positive change.  Many times, it can bring total disaster.  This is one of the more bizarre phenomena of humankind.

Where there is great constriction and control, there is often domination, and the embers that stir in such situations create vortexes of abuse.  To open and free the mind to see reality with a better lens must be a facet of humanity, even greater than manuscripts new or old.

Systems of true understanding live among people, in their actions.


We can define the mind in many ways, but the most basic way goes like this: consciousness is a mapped-out process in the accumulation of resources from a universal creative process. It is an outcome determined to allow sentient beings to coalesce a multitude of biological functions into a single focal point of awareness — distinct and able to recognize the world in a tangible way — to self-reflect — to accumulate sensory information and then compare.  Our bond, from reality to mind, is a journey of experience to understand the mind in new ways. The compounding functions are layered in nerve synapses that map and record information.  The overall process of thinking and awareness however — is both physical and ultimately ideological. Our total function exceeds the summation of parts indicating a superior process dictated or decided itself, somehow, into existence.  The result of self-aware intelligence in a faceted being created by a universal process extends the only comparison of extension we have — the comparison of birth itself…

Just as an animal gives birth to a baby, so too forms the onset of processes that lead to greater awareness and intelligence across the world.  There is no way to ascribe the universe as being born of an unintelligent source.  While we might not have empirical knowledge of that source, we have the understanding that we are not the pinnacle of intelligence, awareness, and consciousness in reality itself.  There must be, in some way, an ascertainable and real tier above, or permeating through, our universal existence.

This being the case, our grasp of mind is limited, because our physical senses were evolved to deal with a physical universe.  It is the rigidity of common instances, shareable observances that give us, together, our only sense of mutual reality.  It is by exerting influence on that reality that gives us an understanding of changeability and permanence.  The universe however displays no permanence, and relies solely upon change over time.  Consciousness then is tied to that condition, being suspended many layers beyond what appears to cause the universe to exist.  It is the primary functions, of the universal wavelength itself, that we see patterns of awareness involved in the energetic levels that derive us, and all things.  They systemic proof of mind lay in the exasperation of all other options, a universe that makes sense and has purpose, becomes our sole proof of pre-determined awareness — that patterns evolve to create reality, and not a dystopic system that is unable to support itself — under which there would be no other condition to support life.  Consciousness then becomes an ultra-real foundation, to us, more real than the universe itself — no differently than our planet is more real (to us) than distant stars.  We are limited in scope by the witnessed existence, and far removed from that which is not in our reproduceable grasp.  That our minds are so much more complex than our world in the ability to distill complexity and re-arrange it makes our concept of ‘mind’ and of awareness more real, paramount, and referential to the original cause than the world itself.

In such load-bearing contemplations, we can come to see only what we wish, or what we can — and the high arching ideas that certainly govern our existence become enigmatic.  However, in the reality of things, the foundational principles that govern our reality are in fact the most real qualities of reality — and our material world remains the artifacts.  Our own experience of life becomes more vaporous, as viewed through the perceptions of a transient creation within the universe.  Our super-reality stands more eminent and real than even ourselves.

In the most common way, consciousness is both the ability to ascertain value and to prioritize information, according to our brains, but our overall sense of existence comes from a concept of ‘mind’ which is beyond the summation of physiological parts.

Our minds can use multiple exact instances as a framework, and then we can use multi-layered modalities to extract new ideas, or to create new ideas.  Mind is a process of elimination, or assimilation, in the systemic evaluation of living experiences — multiplied in capacity by our willingness to understand what we do not know.  The very act of reaching into the unknown defines human intelligence — and so we are not able to describe ourselves as anything less than a multi-awareness process, aware of things greater than perceived things.

In this way, the universal driver is inevitably beyond the universe of created things.  As we see sign and indication of great universal balance in creation, we can only be aware that indeed, there is awareness and understanding within the universal creation process.  We humans can create small things that display our intelligence, and in parallel, the universe displays a mechanism of creation far beyond our intelligence, with a far more pervading energy source, at a scale that cannot easily be grasped beyond the idea itself.

As we are created by the universe, mind then must be acknowledged to be some refractory portion of that greater whole that perpetuates the universe — as the ‘created’ must always be a portion of the creator, whether by actual birth, or by active creation.

Typically, one might say the outcome of creativity is always a reduced derivative of the origin energy and intelligence that created the product.  In order for the opposite to be true, it would require that a simpler energy was able to compound itself naturally, and create something that would be of greater energy and reflect greater intelligence than itself — thus a primitive source would lead to a product far beyond itself.  At face value, this would appear the case for the universal creation energy itself, but not for the ‘mind’, whatever form that may be, that incited the process.

The universal condition itself appears to be the opposite of that example however — a unified spectrum that divides its fullness to create partial aspects which can then interact.  We are then a reflection of a greater consciousness, tied in part or whole, to the original creation.

To see any deeper into the initial prism of reality, with absolute certainty, would likely require not being a creature made within that reality.  Our senses can perceive the world, and our mind can bridge the gaps of our understood reality.  Our evolution of life forms and senses seems to be inevitably true.  The question that remains, is whether the evolution of intelligence includes the ability for individual minds to interact with what we otherwise consider supernatural.

In this case, the mind can be attenuated to exceed our old grasp of simple, common intelligence.  The structured laws of material science then would have to fold away to some degree, to allow our human senses to extend into that sixth sense – a way of existence that bridges the gap between the human concept of mind, and the universal mind — a potential beyond our mind’s casual grasp of what potential even is.

And this portion of ideology is where C.C. lives – when singular physical awareness tries to reach into understanding and coalescence with a universal understanding, and then face the frontier of a greater awareness beyond even that.  As such experiences would entail, the definition of mind evolves again, rendering moot, the old concept held before.  This is the binding experience for those who feel certain they have achieved this state of mind or emotion — to have found for themselves undeniable proof that indeed there is a superseding intelligence, an experience that can be felt through, bared witness to, or achieved — to interact on some level, in some repeatable way, proving to themselves that inevitably there is more to our reality than science currently can prove.  That is the picture of mind to those who first must believe in the possibility, because without that, one never looks.


All things begin with learning!  We can teach ourselves many things, but it helps to have a good basis.  Just follow this website page by page, and then jump to Relative Modality.

We are amazing creatures in an amazing universe.  We are held down by many self-serving pressures in mainstream culture.  There is more to reality than meets the eye.  Those who look for new ways to see beyond our limits come together in ways large and small.  We change incidences, ideas, and otherwise problematic situations even small ways to be better than they would otherwise be!

There are so many wonderful people, and people who can walk through change to be someone they believe in.  That’s our mission in the walk of consciousness, from self-awareness, to a greater view beyond our ordinary means.


Relative Modality is a systematic reference for modals of consciousness